We’re super-excited to be part of Team Trail Running Magazine’s #Run1000Miles challenge for 2017. We’re passionate believers in the power of running to make the world a happier, healthier place, so it’s a message we’re proud to be promoting.

Pledging to #Run1000Miles in 2017 is just the start of a journey that will be filled with fun, support and – of course – the satisfaction of completing a big challenge that lasts all year. Along with the rest of Team Trail Running and an awesome panel of ambassadors, we’ll be there to encourage you every step of the way.

Running 1000 miles might sound daunting at first, but when you spread it over the year it’s an achievable 2.7 miles a day, or just under 20 miles a week. However busy you are there are ways to fit those miles in. Here are our top 5 tips:

1. Be inventive

We know how hard it can be to juggle family, work and everything else AND fit in quality training. Inventive use of time is what it’s all about – It’s amazing how many miles you can squeeze into the spaces you didn’t even realise were there. Try getting a couple of miles in early (you’ll feel smug for the rest of the day); run commuting to work; a quick lunchtime session or running with the dog instead of walking. One of us will often run into town while the other drives with the kids and we’ll all meet up once we get there, swapping over for the return trip.

2. Consistency is key

Getting all 20 miles in at the weekend can seem like a daunting task, so the more you can tick off during the week the easier it’ll be. Something is always better than nothing and several shorter runs feel much more achievable than fewer longer ones; three half-hour weekday runs could easily make up 50% of your weekly target.

3. Team up!

The more people signed up to the challenge the more support and motivation there will be to carry on so tell everyone you know! Getting out on a chilly Saturday morning is much easier if there’s someone waiting for your too, so join a running club; arrange to meet friends or head over to your local Parkrun.

4. Set goals

Entering a race or an organised event is a great way to motivate yourself to train and also to check your progress and improvement as a result of all those miles. Pick some races that really inspire you and enter them early. Think how great you’ll feel when you cross the finish line after your best training ever!

5. Get motivated

Part of the joy of signing up to an organised challenge like #Run1000Miles is you’re never on your own! Join the #Run1000Miles Facebook group https://www.facebook.com/groups/Run1000Miles for daily motivation and inspiration from the Trail Running team and our excellent ambassadors. Use the #Run1000Miles hashtag on Twitter and Instagram to share your progress and ask for expert advice from the team and ambassadors on training, nutrition, gear, routes and races all year round.

Sign up and you could also WIN FREE KIT!

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