Wild Running is all about having fun running on exciting terrain in amazing places; we love getting away from the road and having running adventures on the trails and fells. Our book is a guide to help anyone explore a new area or try a new route, and we do this by showcasing some of the best running available all across the country. We aim to inspire our readers to get out and explore some of Britain’s wilder areas.

We hope that no one ever hurts themselves running one of our routes but it’s a risk we all take by heading out into the hills. If the worst does happen, the invaluable work of the Mountain Rescue service could save a runner’s life. So last year we decided to donate £1 from every book that we sell through our website to Mountain Rescue and will continue to do so for the next year too.

Mountain Rescue members are unpaid volunteers who commit a considerable amount of there time to training so that they are equipped to help the emergency services in difficult situations. They are outdoor-focused people like us and they will gladly drop everything to come and help find and rescue an injured runner stuck out on the hill. The Mountain Rescue service relies on donations from organisations and the public to keep going.

Thank you everyone who has bought a book directly through us and has therefore donated to Mountain Rescue.