We’ve been fans of Buff products for years. Right from the early days when they were a simple, yet brilliant solution to so many outdoor adventure-related problems. A stroke of genius that turned a single, seam-free loop of fabric into anything from a toasty neck and face warmer on a chilly winter bike ride to a stylish way of keeping your hair out of your eyes on a breezy day in the mountains. These days the Buff range is diverse and exciting, but its solid foundations of simplicity, function and top quality manufacturing are still definitely there.

We were delighted to have the opportunity to test out and review some of Buff’s latest products from UK distributors Kitshack, including some of the excellent kids’ range:

Left to right: Merino kids’ Buff, Knitted + Polar Headband, Merino kids’ Buff, Knitted + Polar Beanie

The Reviews

Knitted + Polar Headband  £22.25

Warm and toasty with a funky knitted stripe pattern; great for keeping hair out of eyes/camera even in the wildest weather.

Junior Wool Neckwarmer £18.50

Made from 100% soft and snuggly Merino wool that’s Oeko-Tex certified free from harmful substances, these are a great way to add extra warmth to the kids’ outdoor outfits. They work so much better than scarves on younger children as they don’t fall off or get wound around things and can also be used as a hat or hood.

Knitted + Polar Hat £22.75

A 100% acrylic beanie-style hat with a polar lining, looks great with its bold logo and keeps you warm.

Windproof Headband Buff £25.95

A stylish, technical headband. Great for keeping your ears warm and the sweat out of your eyes.

Buff technical headband


A great range of headwear from Buff with something suitable for everyone, for every activity.