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Welsh ethical clothing brand Howies‘ make great kit: we’ve long been fans of our Howies jeans and love the company’s focus on sustainability. Being runners themselves we were excited when they brought out a range of running kit and couldn’t wait to test it out…

Light Merino SS Base Layer £45 145g Men’s M         Light Merino Base Layer SS £45 105g Women’s S

Howies Men'sHowies Women's

We love these super soft, lightweight, 100% ethically-sourced merino wool tees. Great to run in, great to relax in; great as a snuggly baselayer or as a light and breathable standalone tee. Excellent durability combined with merino’s natural anti-odour properties means you need never take it off!


howies shortsRun Short £35 165g Men’s M

These run shorts are a nice design with stretchy liner and a looser classic short over the top. Two small pockets are handy for stashing keys and gels and the reflective stripes add visibility and look good too. Made from recyclable polyester but it would be great to see Howies using some recycled content in the manufacturing.




Run Skort
£35 150g Women’s S

The Howies skort is a super-fine merino wool with a nice, wide elasticated waistband over polyester shorts. Good value and very comfortable to run in.





Tenkay 3/4 Run Leggings £39 170g Women’s S               Rift Running Leggings £39 195g Men’s M  

Howies Women's LeggingsHowies Men's Leggings

These super-comfortable stretchy, breathable tights are pretty similar between men’s and women’s, except the men’s come in full-length and the women’s in 3/4. They’re made using an innovative circular knit technique, meaning only one seam, very low material wastage during manufacture and excellent durability. The fabric is warm enough for colder weather or mountain running and there are nice details in the reflective tabs and a stretchy zip pocket that’s roomy enough to take an iPhone. Again no recycled content, however they score good ethics marks as they’re made in Portugal and should last forever.


Women's Shelium

Women’s Shelium

Men's Helium

Men’s Helium












 Shelium Lightweight Jacket £49 100g Women’s S  Helium Lightweight Jacket £49 120g Men’s M

Every runner needs a lightweight, stashable windproof jacket and the Howies He/Shelium is just the thing. An absolute bargain at £49 (there’s a hoodless version for £39 too) it mixes great performance with looks that work just as well on the fells or in town. They’re made from durable nylon with a well-fitting adjustable hood, zipped pocket and reflective detail.

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